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The Unofficial Marvel Heroes Strategy Guide

Today, I’ll be reviewing a recent purchase I made at focusing on Gazillion Entertainment’s ARPG, Marvel Heroes. The guide, being a strategy guide aims to boost players to the level cap under 7 days which is the manual’s selling point. Sure, it sounded too good to be true and quite frankly, an extremely bold claim. Tossing aside my skepticism, I bit the bullet and bought the Marvel Heroes Strategy Guide to test out whether or not the methods proposed in the guide in fact, work.

The price of the manual is $19.99 USD and can be downloaded at the website’s members area once purchased. By opening the guide, the PDF is a beautifully illustrated cover page and the remaining pages were colored also. Very professional looking even for an unofficial guide. The table of contents is laid out in a professional manner introducing the game, the heroes soon followed by in-depth leveling sections. How in-depth are the chapters? Let’s take a closer look.

I’ve always been pretty innovative when it comes to developing leveling tactics. Surprisingly my tactics didn’t apply specifically to this game. Feeling outdated, I wanted to learn, no, to expose myself to ‘proven’ and ‘trusted’ methodologies that worked in this here manual. Cutting through the leveling section through step by step instructions, I was given insight to these leveling guidelines the author suggested. The author directed me to one such leveling method that consisted of my hero to head over to an undisclosed location which I missed out on my first time. I wasn’t even remotely aware of the location. Behind these secret doors, I was greeted with heaps of blue glowing mobs that drop high quality loot, included the necessary particles necessary for crafting.

In less than five minutes, my EXP and Credit income doubled. I have to credit the author with pointing out locations for easy EXPs. The great thing about this was that I was exposed to a myriad of leveling techniques which seemed quite inefficient but in actuality, worked wonders. Instead of giving me the name of the mission I was required to achieve, the author instructed me how to achieve it: I was given a precise location of the mission followed by the types of mobs that would be encountered, including a rundown list of skills that work effectively against mobs or a posing boss. Word for word, I tested out each of the methods and as a result, I easily gained multiple levels in an hour. Who would have though simple methods yielded so much? I stand corrected in thinking these methods were these methods were just over-hyped. They worked.

What I truly appreciated in the leveling section is the analytical overview of the objectives involved as well as how to complete them quicker (provided I use the recommended rotations). What’s great about these recommendations is that the author levels with you explaining the methods step by step and noting down their benefits gained. This alone demonstrated the highest quality of professionalism displayed in an unofficial book that I’ve come across.

Marvel Heroes Heroes

Other well-written sections I’ve encountered were chapters focusing on talents and rotations. Initially I was hesitant on using the rotations since I didn’t think I needed them. How wrong I was. Jotting out several builds, I experimented with them. At first I thought the rotations were too basic to make an impact but after using several rotations on a boss (which got on my nerves), I dropped in several critical shots while dodging. It’s hard to describe it word for word when my hero was doing surprisingly well by himself. Without the rotations or the fact of slotting appropriate points to my talent, I believed I would be performing this fight over four times, if not, more. The fact that I conquered this boss in one fight showed me the author knew exactly what the was talking about suggesting to me his preferred rotations.

Although I appreciated the intense information given, I’m a person who enjoys guides with images. Maps especially was something that I was hoping to reference in the chapter but unfortunately, lacked. I particularly didn’t agree on everything the book recommended due to some instances, the provided instructions failed to work for me. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m not doing it right. But what I do know for methods that do work, worked marvels, pun intended.

This is a guide I highly recommend picking up. Why? The amount of knowledge I gained by reading the chapters alone helped me efficiently (and effectively) plan out my heroes one step at a time. I praise the author for showcasing his wealth of knowledge which can be put to practical use without wasting time dying, mindlessly grinding, that sort of thing. The lack of fluff is indeed a plus point in the guide but the crowning achievement is the extremely detailed leveling section. I came looking for a guide that provides innovative leveling strategies that boosts my hero to the level cap in just 7 days. The book did just that.

In conclusion, hands down this is simply a really great guide to have. Offering expert advice to avoid newbie mistakes, to a deep analytical breakdown how to level up, this book has it all. In fact, I’m thrilled by this purchase I upgraded myself to purchasing the Marvel Heroes bundle featuring a 26 cut-throat heroes’ analysis book and item and crafting guide.

If you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your gaming experience in Marvel Heroes, go here.

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